A Letter to my Husband

Go check out Elisha’s letter to her husband. Raise your hand if it ever feels like you’re the only person in the marriage freaking out about infertility (BOTH HANDS RAISED!!!) I think we all need to read this because infertility is a tough burden on a married couple and we have to FIGHT for the one we love. We’ve all been through so much, we deserve to have a happy marriage, and I believe with hard work, prayer, and dedication we can all not only survive this time but live through it abundantly.

Waiting for Baby Bird

To my husband Dear Hubby,

As we stood in our kitchen last week and I started crying, feeling alone in this battle, I felt guilty for asking you the question, “Are you sleeping?!”  I am sorry.  I know you are in this fight with me and not sleeping, but there are so many days when I feel like we are in the same boat, but I am doing all of the rowing while you are enjoying the scenery. Or I am the one on the front lines taking all of the hits from the enemy and I turn around to look for you and I see you just hanging back cleaning your gun, not worried about all of the bullets flying through the air.

You never seem to focus on the heartache and longing for children like I do.  I never see you worry about our future of becoming parents and if you…

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