Let’s Help Bring Diana Home

Hey friends. I don’t have a lot of time to post this, but I wanted to share in case anyone would be interested in helping.  I was reading over at the blog Life and Love in the Petri Dish and she is sharing the story of her friend Suzanne who has been trying to adopt Diana from Kyrgyzstan since 2008.  Unfortunately Kyrgyz international adoptions were put on hold and Diana has been left without a family for many years.  Suzanne has never given up on Diana and thankfully Kyrgyzstan has again re-opened their intercountry adoption program.

If you would be interested in helping their family bring this precious child home, go check out this post from Life and Love in the Petri dish by clicking here to read more about the story and to donate to the fundraising page.  Mo will be matching all the donations that are given from her blog readers, so when you donate, make sure you say, “Mo sent me”.

I think it is just awesome hearing Suzanne’s story of not giving up on hope for this child and how beautiful that Mo is helping her friend out by matching all blog donations.

What are you waiting for, go check it out and donate! If we all give what we can, we can make a difference.  If you only have $5 to give, give it! If you don’t have anything to give, but you are a blogger, write about it and share this with others!

Love you all,



5 thoughts on “Let’s Help Bring Diana Home

  1. Amber – thank you so much for posting this on your blog. Sometimes it really does take a village – and I think this is one of those times. People like you are what makes this world a wonderful place. Here’s hoping with your help and others’ that Suzanne is able to get Diana home soon!


    • I’m just glad to be able to help – adoption is very close to my heart. We are praying about starting the adoption process for international adoption so my heart really goes out to this family and all of the children that have been victim to a harsh system. You are so awesome to help your friend and I just love the blogging community at times like this when we can all work together.

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