Prayer Warriors Needed

Hi sweet friends, I’ll have a post up later today about some recent happenings, but I wanted to quickly get a post up about a precious blogger family that just received devastating news about their baby.

Lisa from How Babies Are Really Made is expecting her second child after infertility, secondary infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss.  She’s in her third trimester and was preparing for delivery when they went in for an ultrasound yesterday only to discover that the baby has suffered a brain bleed since sometime around 20 weeks.  They won’t know specific details until after the delivery of the baby but there could be significant damage and the possibility that the baby might not survive. They are preparing to deliver the baby via C-section on August 18.

Please send some love and prayers to Lisa and her family.  I’m standing in belief in Jesus’ name that this baby will live, will be healthy, and that whatever is wrong will be healed by the gracious hands of God.

Stand with me in faith precious prayer warriors – this family needs a miracle,



8 thoughts on “Prayer Warriors Needed

  1. Oh, Amber! This is so sad! So much to pray about. PLEASE also pray for the dear Brown family who were involved in the car crash Saturday night. Their little 5 year old son died at the scene of the accident, their six year old daughter has a broken neck and is paralyzed from the waist down, and their 2 year old son is on a ventilator with multiple injuries. You can read their whole story, along with the mother’s words, on my blog, if you would like. God bless you for sharing this request. So thankful we serve a mighty God Who can do all things.

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